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5 guys from Norway paying tribute to the biggest U.S country artists of the sixties, - Buck Owens and the Buckaroos??

Copying their idol Buck by playing silver sparkle Fenders just like him

Getting made identical rhinestone studded, embroidered Turk suits like Buck`s.

Performing only Buck & the Buckaroos songs.

Copying some of Buck`s stage mannerisms and antics during their shows

Going on a pilgrimage of sorts to Bakersfield, - where Buck lived.

Fact or fiction??

Well, far fetched as it may seem, it's more real than  a Tiger by your Tail!

This Norwegian tribute band put out a video on YouTube performing a Buck classic, and so far it's been seen by 83000 viewers, - they have performed at all the major c&w festivals in Norway , have also visited neighboring countries, and the highlight came in 2012, when they got invited to perform at Buck Owens` night club Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California.

With two sold out nights and solid media attention, a dream came true for these 5 Norwegians in this tribute band appropriately named Bakersfield.


Odd Lauritsen – the band's vocalist – has been a stalwart Buck fan most of his adult life, collecting Buck records and Buck artifacts  enough to equip a small museum

When a record company put together a compilation cd called ”Buck Owens`Norwegian Hits,”  Odd was a consultant, and  record sales soon qualified for a  Norwegian Platinum record. Odd flew over to Bakersfield to present Buck with this award, and the visit resulted in the two of them performing together on stage and  subsequent friendly ties not only with Buck, but also with his staff.

Odd had his own  country band in Norway at this time, and enthused by his experiences in Bakersfield, he decided to turn the band into a pure Buck Owens & the Buckaroos tribute band.

After having assembled identical looking band uniforms, instruments, and receiving helpful advice from  both former and present members of the Buckaroos, the band  started performing with their new all-Buck concept, and the reception was enthusiastic.

Performances at major c&w festivals ensued, the band got to back up Buck`s son Buddy Alan, and the climax came when the band got invited to perform at Buck`s nightclub in Bakersfield.

And right now, it seems like the band may be invited to return to Bakersfield for a performance at the annual Buck`s Birthday Bash.

What more is there to yearn for when you're a Norwegian Buck fan playing in a Buck tribute band?

These 5 Norwegian making up ”Bakersfield,” are:

Odd Lauritsen – vocals, guitar

Luis Borgli – drums

Hans P. Jahr – bass, vocal

Terje Schrøder – guitar, fiddle

Steinar Schrøder – pedal steel guitar



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